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2018 Equal Pay Day Campaign


Women on average are paid 20% less than men—and Black women and Latinas are paid even less. Throughout 2017, LeanIn.Org partnered with hundreds of businesses across the country to offer discounts on everyday items—from pizza to pet supplies—to highlight the unfairness of the gender pay gap and its impact on women, families, and our economy. And we’re committed to making the campaign even bigger in 2018. Join us on April 10th 2018 for Equal Pay Day. Visit www.leanin.org/equalpay for more.

In 2017

To create awareness about the pay gap, LeanIn.Org partners with businesses across the country. On April 4th, Lean In launches the #20percentcounts campaign which employed recognized brands like Procter and Gamble, Luna, Lyft and businesses to offer a 20% discount. Lean In also worked with Lean In community leaders in more than 25 U.S. cities to recruit hundreds of businesses to offer 20% off purchases and share information on the gender pay gap in their communities.

According to National Center for Education, black women are the most educated group in the U.S., yet still face wage inequality.

On July 31st, in recognition of Black Women's Equal Pay Day, businesses partnered with LeanIn.Org and offered a 37% discount and showed their support for equal pay for equal work. For every $1 men are paid in the United States, women as a whole are paid just 80 cents.  For Black women, it’s even worse — just 63 cents. In a Bustle article , Black Women's Equal Pay Day, Education Lead at LeanIn.Org Alexis Charles explains why equal pay isn't just about gender — it's about race, too.

Out of every group, Hispanic women suffer the most. Hispanic women on average are paid 46% less than white men. November 2nd marks how far Hispanic women need to work into 2017 to catch up to what men were paid in 2016. Businesses are showing their support and are offering 46% discounts on November 2nd in partnership with LeanIn.Org.  You can learn more .
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We’re proud to partner with the following businesses on Equal Pay Day! #20PercentCounts

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